Range :Old Holland Classic Oil Colours
Colourname :Indian yellow-brown lake extra
Colournumber :130
Serie :B
Pigment classification :Azocondensation
Colour index :PY95-PBR23
Colour index number :20034-20060
Lightfastness : Lightfast pigment according to ASTM
category 1 and 2
Opacity/transparency :Transparent




36RCW#1.0.8 Indian Yellow Brown/side transparent, PY:150
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Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake, Transparent, duel-toned, PY:150
This permanent synthetic transparent pigment is the second half of the Indian Yellow hue.
This brown darker side also lightens into Yellow with a clear medium, just as the Indian Yellow golden/side does.
The important characteristic of Indian Yellow brown/side is the fact that it will make close to a
neutral dark by mixing with it's opposite color, Ultramarine Blue Dark.
Which of the two Indian Yellows is on my palette most of the time?
Depends on the scene, both sometimes, Brown is all the time.
This color is excellent mixing into Greens, Blues and Cyans, and is good at Reds and Oranges.



Opposite color, Mussini Ultramarine Dark, Translucent 









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